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15-seconds commute back to your house
Backyard Corner Office - O pod [A]
Furnished & Finished Turn-Key Product
Backyard Corner Office - O pod [A]
Furnished & Finished Turn-Key Product
Backyard Corner Office - O pod [B]
Furnished & Finished Turn-Key Product
Backyard Corner Office - O pod [B]
Kit for On-Site Assemble
Garden Office Studio - X Studio [X1]
A Versatile Space More Than an Office
Garden Office Studio - X Studio [X2]
Ceiling, Walling, Flooring, Lights & Sockets
Every X studio is Interior Finished
Finished & Furnished
Every O Pod is Completely Ready
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Ready For Busines

Made for all types of weather with finished interior for the Garden Office.

Easy Assemby

Our office sheds come prefabricated  that can be made with simple tools.

Low Maintenance

Our yard offices are easy to maintain and require no roofs or painting.

Contemporary Design

The X Studio & O Pod come in a a sleek & minimalistic design.

Work From Home, Away From Home In Your Garden Office!

We know how you feel, seriously. You want to work from home, but you always want to leave a good first impression with them at all times. When clients, your manager or colleagues visit the “office” away from home, your O or X Pod can prove your worth with your Garden Office.

Now you can work from home in style,  in flexible & affordable office solution that is convenient at the same time.

With our Pods or Studios, you get to choose between the X or O office space with several options alongside it.

Now that, is a Cozier Life.

As many people realized. Having a flexible space for a remote job or simply for a peace of mind is important under this new normal.

The space we are providing can be used as a yard office studio, art studio, music room, man cave, or she shed. 

Learn more about our honored product lines below.


With comfort in mind, the O Pod was designed to be a turn key garden office pod. It comes delivered to your front door complete furnished and finished.

With the O Pod coming assembled already, the only thing you need  to do is put it in the right place in your backyard. That way you will be able to feel like you never left home to work.


With affordability and versatile options for the X Studio. You can have an extended space of your house that’s more than just an office shed. It can be used as a yard office and another variety of spaces.

The X Studio comes in a kit that can be loaded into any corner of your backyard at home that may be inaccessible.

garden office

With A Garden Office, you can have a dedicated work environment with no distractions in your backyard.

Step out of all the noise and distractions of your in-house office and add a office studio pod to your backyard. Experience a office space like never before of this caliber.

Our sleek and innovative selection will function as the perfect getaway from the distractions of your home. So you can focus on work, still at home. 

"Loved the pod my Wife and I bought for our home here in San Francisco, California although we needed some help setting it up because we wanted to do it right, it was very simple and straightforward."
Matthew K.
Stay At Home Dad

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